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Medical Plans

Bahamian American Plan

An excellent combination of benefits and price.

Bahamian Gold Plan

Provides a golden opportunity to make sure your family’s health is covered.

Emerald Plan

Geared towards persons looking for the most comprehensive medical plan available.

New World Plan

This plan requires no underwriting and offers excellent benefits.

Silver Medical Plan

Medical plan that you can purchase up to age 85, renewable for life.

Worldwide Medical Trust Plan

Offers a full spectrum of benefits while in hospital and out.

Income Replacement

60-Month Disability Plan

Designed for persons who want income protection at a lower price

Critical Illness Disability Plan

Pays a monthly benefit for up to 3 years, followed by a lump sum payout.

Lump Sum Disability

Pays a lump sum benefit after 12 months of disability.

Cash Protector Plan

This unique product pays a lump sum of cash on the occurrence of a first diagnosis of one of several common medical issues.


Level Term Life

Protect your future by investing in Term-Life Insurance with consistent premiums.

Life Insurance Savings Plan

Provides a targeted amount of savings for a certain period of time.

Dental & Vision

Fusion Dental & Vision

Engineered to provide great dental and vision coverage in one simple plan.

Individual & Group Dental and Vision

Provides benefits for both individual/group dental and vision services.

Plans for Senior Adults

Silver Medical Plan

Medical plan that you can purchase up to age 85, renewable for life.

Educational Savings Plan

Save money for your grandchild's education. The plan builds values for a specified term, and even includes a life insurance benefit

Final Expense Plan

Helps your loved ones pay funeral expenses or other debts